- Posted August 08, 2014 -
The 4th Race in the NDRL - IAM Championship Series, titled The Briggs and Stratton Hot August Nights, will be held at Rt 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL, as part of the Hollywood Casino Rt 66 Classic.

GPS Address (Gets You by the Track)
3200 South Chicago Street, Joliet, IL 60433

Track Phone Number 815-722-5500

I have discussed details of the event with track management and here is the information available as of August 2, 2014. Please remember that as events unfold some details may change, but this is the best information that we have to date:

Please See the map posted, or click the link below.

1. On Friday, August 15th, starting at 1:00 pm., NDRL racers may stack inside Gate 13 on the north side of the track (on SCHWEITZER ROAD). Racers that are stacked inside Gate 13 will moved into the pits between 5 pm and 9 pm.

A. Gate admission fee ($20.00) payable at this time.

B. Race Fee ($80) payable after Tech inspection at the Tech Shack in the pit area, on Saturday morning.

2. Racers arriving from 9 pm till midnight will be stacked inside Gate 13. This ticket gate will reopen at 8 am Saturday morning.

A. After Midnight, Gate 13 will be locked. Racers arriving after midnight must go to Gate 11 access road for stacking, located on the south side of the track, on IL Rt 53, (Historic Rt 66/S. Chicago Street in Joliet).

B. Gate 11 has a long entry road and there is a large stone covered lot adjacent to it, where racers can stack. Entry to the pits will begin at 9 am through Gate 11 on Saturday Morning.

3. On Saturday, all racers arriving at the track will enter the pits through Gate 11.

4. NDRL qualifying is scheduled at 12 pm (noon). We will follow the Midwest Top Sportsman group.

A. Run order for Qualifying is as follows: Pro 7.0, Pro 7.50, Pro Comp, and Pro Gas. Run order for eliminations will differ.

5. NDRL first round eliminations are scheduled at 3:30 pm. NDRL Semi Finals are scheduled at 7:30 pm following the Opening Ceremonies, with Finals scheduled at 9:00 pm.

6. Sunday is a backup date to finish the race in case of rain etc.

7. NDRL racers are welcome to stay over night on Saturday, with the understanding that Sunday is a regular scheduled Bracket Race. They may stay to participate, or vacate the pits in the morning by 9 am to allow local racers access to pit space.

A. Any racers that choose to stay and race on Sunday must go to Gate 11 on Sunday morning to pay the gate fee. You can use your golf cart.

B. Racers must once again pass through Tech, then purchase a run card for the Sunday bracket race.

8. The Top Sportsmen will have the first two rows of pit space along the staging lanes on the south side of the grand stands. The NDRL will pit in the balance of the Pit Midway. The car show will be directly east of the Pit Midway. The pits and the show area are completely paved and extend all the way down to the shut down area. Let's all try to stay together as it aids in communications.

9. No pre-registration. Every Driver and crew person will pay $20.00 at the gate, then a driver pays $80.00 at the tech shack for an NDRL run card. Total race entry is equivalent to $100.00, normal entry fee for an NDRL event. Kids under 12 years of age are $5.00, or Free, after pre-registration with Chicagoland Speedway Kids Club.

For Kids Club registration, click the link below:

10. The NDRL will be making payouts after the race is complete.
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