NDRL welcomes Renegade Racing Fuels and Lubricants for 2014
- Posted June 03, 2014 -
We are pleased to announce that the Nostalgia Drag Racing League (NDRL) has entered into a marketing arrangement with Renegade Racing Fuels and Lubricants starting immediately. Located in Bowling Green, Ky the brand which started out as a local company has expanded into covering the nation and supplying fuel and oil to racers of all types.

Currently, around 25 different grades of fuel are available and designed for all types of racing from drag racing to circle track and even cycles. They also offer a line of mineral and synthetic blend oils including engine break in oil and top lubes. Renegade Racing Lubricants are specifically designed to lubricate competition engines which run alcohol or higher octane fuels. Renegade Racing Lubricants Pro SeriesĀ® SAE is formulated with ZDDP additive, tough detergent-dispersant package, naturally high viscosity index base oils, excellent oxidation, advanced anti-foam system, high performance protection that provides winning results.

"Never having ran Renegade before, I tested with it before we raced with it", explained NDRL staffer Troy Wilson. "In A-B-A comparisons, the car was dead on all three laps which was great and being a racer on a budget the lower cost was very appealing. I cannot wait to get my hands on the oil to see how it works for my own personal racing."

More info can be found at www.renegadepro1.com
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