NDRL Welcomes ET Genie!
- Posted March 28, 2014 -
There are a few firsts for the NDRL going into 2014. Two of these things will be together hand in hand with our first visit to Milan Dragway in Milan, Mi. The second of these will be the addition of ET Genie to the list of marketing partners for 2014 thus giving you the ET Genie Fall Finals.

ET Genie has been manufacturing its patented mechanical throttle stops for carb racers since 2008 and already has a long list of wins and championships to prove the effectiveness of their product. Using dial indicators to fine tune the adjusting, you can change the tuneup to track and weather conditions and immediately turn it right back to where you left off without error making this throttle stop perfect for index and bracket classes.

What makes this throttle stop different you ask..Because it's installed below the carburetor, the throttle is wide full open on every run. This allows the carburetor circuits to function properly without disturbed air flow caused by the butterflys being partially closed, but at the same time reducing the signal (CFM) from the motor. A nut on either end of the ET Genie is turned to increase or decrease air flow. This, of course, controls the horse power and your Elapsed Time.

"These things are huge on the west coast," explained NDRL staffer Troy Wilson. "I have saw a couple on this side of the USA but not many. You only have to take one look at the Genie website and see the list of champions and racers using this to see that it works. Impressive names making impressive laps. The best part is that it is all made in the USA."

More information can be found at www.etgenie.com
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