Sexton Wilbert returns for 2018
- Posted March 22, 2018 -
Today it was confirmed that Sexton-Wilbert Corp. out of Bloomington, IN has signed with the Nostalgia Drag Racing League for 2018. One of our first partners, the company has been with us for all of our eight seasons.

The family owned and ran business started building burial vaults over 65 years ago and they are considered a leader in the market that they serve. During times of a struggling economy, owner Mark Sexton diversified adding monuments and a growing precast line to the companies roster and more recently expanding to septic tanks and cisterns.

Personalized service is complimented with a touch that only Sexton-Wilbert can offer in your time of need. From imaging and symbolizing to fully customized concrete products, Sexton-Wilbert is there when you need them and they always deliver, something that Sexton takes great pride in. “Sexton-Wilbert is a great asset to the league but also to the markets they serve,” explained NDRL staffer Troy Wilson. “Mark and family have lasted over the years by delivering a great product but offering it with exceptional customer service and that attention to detail that you are thankful for.”

More information on Sexton-Wilbert’s growing line of products can be found at and

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