- Posted February 06, 2018 -
The "Innovators in fuel systems" have stepped up to the plate again for the eighth straight year and signed on for the 2018 NDRL Championship season and the Quick Fuel Technology Battle at the Arch.

"Quick Fuel and the NDRL make a good partnership. Racers working for racers gives creditability to both organizations and I think they are great examples of that method working," explained Dave Mullin, PRO Gas Representative."I personally have used QFT products on my gasser with gas and now alcohol and the out of the box performance was amazing. With some minor tweaking, we picked up solid power and I credit that all to the tech help offered from the guys in the red shirts".

With an induction system for almost every application, QFT is known for its versatility in its line of products but also for its customer support to back them up. From carbs, regulators, and even valve cover components QFT will be able to put you in the winners circle.

Dave Mullin, a NDRL staffer and QFT PRO Gas racer, is also a Quick Fuel customer. “With several of our racers using QFT products, it only made sense for the relationship to come together. I’ve been using their stuff for years and it’s helped my racing program immensely. Im proud to say that Quick Fuel Technology is the Official Carburetor of the NDRL.”

More info on the great products that QFT offers can be found at www.quickfueltechnology.com.
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