Hagerty Classic Cars has came back on board for the 2018 season
- Posted January 25, 2018 -
Nostalgia Drag Racing League (NDRL) officials announced today that Hagerty Classic Cars has came back on board for the 2018 season promoting their nostalgia motorsports insurance.

Over the last three decades, Hagerty has become the worldwide leader of collector car and boat insurance. Their passion for the hobby, superior customer service, and the firm belief that the clients deserve the best has kept them innovative in every step of the way and things just keep getting better.

As early as 2006, the company started writing policies for motorsports enthusiasts and they are now adding to that category with nostalgia motorsports coverage for your prized race car while its in the shop, the trailer or in the paddock waiting for the next lap.

“Over the last few years the investments made into race cars keeps getting higher and higher and I have witnessed several accidents and fires that were not covered for any type of loss”, exclaimed NDRL staffer Troy Wilson. “Racers pour lots of money into these cars and it gives you piece of mind knowing that that they are now covered for damage, fire, and theft”.

More info on Hagerty can be found at hagerty.com or look for representatives this season at select NDRL events.
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