Quick Fuel Fall Finals are in the books
- Posted December 19, 2013 -
Falling leaves, falling temperatures, and a faster setting sun mean one thing...winter is approaching and the end of the racing season is near. Cars, drivers, and crews are taxed from a season of traveling the roads pounding that hot rod down the race track seeking the adrenaline rush that is racing.

The final stop for the 2013 NDRL-IAM Championship Series, held at Beech Bend Raceway provides the racers their favorite place to race at the best time of the year to be there. Running along with the AMRA, the pits opened up Thursday to a sea of trailers for parking and by Saturday morning the track was packed. With all of the NDRL-IAM Championships on the line, you knew going in the racing was going to good as it could be.

PRO Gas was up to the lanes first. Points leader Sam Patrick was unable to make the race and with second place racer Elden Miller down (from a accident in Sikeston) which left third place driver Dave Mullin with a chance to advance to the top spot. After three rounds of qualifying, Hill Boys Speed Shop own Butch Hill had the family Studebaker sitting on the top shelf running .003 over his B/G index. Jerry Wilson slid into second place in his stunning 63 Corvette with Tom Hodge, Kenny Robinson, and Bob Mitchell rounding out the top five.

PRO Comp had three drivers battling for the Championship and this race was tight. Points leader Don Nave held a one round advantage over Troy Wilson with Tim Reis trailing Wilson by two rounds. Reis unloaded with a shot across the bow running .010 over to take the top spot and hold it till the end. Nave, showing his prowness, returned fire with a .027 over his B/C index to hold the second place. Reigning Champ Ed Masminster, Skeeter Wayne, and Wilson rounded out the top five.

PRO 7.5 staged up at the ready line next with three drivers ready to battle for the #1 spot. Wayne Sears sat on top early with a 7.519 early lap. Pat Freels and Pat Malloy were ready to dance as well as the qualifying points were going to be big for these guys if they wanted that championship. Freels ended up .038 over for the fourth spot and Malloy was relegated to a sixth place spot (.139) and just missing out on the bonus points. Coming all the way from Lincoln, IL, the “valve spring assassin” Dave Shaffer ripped off a 7.509 to take the top spot and the bye run going into first round. Michelle Lewis and Darrell Wathen rounded out the top five.

The thunder from our PRO 7.0 cars can be heard thru the entire grounds and the fans flocked to the stands to see it. The qualifying rounds for this class were the tightest we have saw all year with Reigning Champ Steve Walczak unloading and ripping off a 7.029 to take the fourth overall spot…yes that is correct, .029 over for fourth place. Buckeye Billy Smith seeing what Walczak ran poured it down the track besting the New York Altered but ended up third with a .022 over. Points leader Larry Harlen came to win that championship and took his Anglia on a wheels up lap running .019 to take the spot but wound up second as Ronny Robinson ran his Mechanical Bull to the top blasting out a 7.012. Michael Sexton rounded out the top five.

After qualifying was over, we headed back to the pits for the Finals dinner. We handed out the awards from the Alkydigger.com race in Edgewater, Oh. The awards were given out to the best package in the final qualifying session of this race (to the drivers that were still in when the race was called). Steve Walczak, Pat Freels, Troy Wilson, and Greg Hillyer all took home the hardware and contingency awards. The dinner was a huge success as we had well over 120 people and even invited the AMRA riders over as well.

The sun came up early Sunday and we had cloud cover and colder temperatures. The cloud cover would not go away and turned into rain showers just as PRO Gas completed the first round of eliminations. The track waited but had no choice but to call the event off due to the impending forecast and the amount of time required to dry. NDRL officials split the purse money up evenly and with that the end of the season was upon us.

The banquet will be held in Brownsburg at the Green Street on November 9th. We will have more information this week with the info needed for the host hotel. We would like to take this time to thank our drivers, crews, tracks, and our marketing partners. It takes each and every one to make us a success.

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