Quick Fuel Spring Drags are in the books!
- Posted December 19, 2013 -
The first stop for the NDRL road show was scenic Beech Bend Raceway for the Quick Fuel Spring Drags. This race, ran concurrently with the NHRA SportsNationals is stop 1 in the five race season to the NDRL-IAM Championship. Dallas Jones and crew always deliver and mother nature kicked in and kept the temperatures perfect for racing and the rain as far away as it could.

The action started early Saturday morning with the NHRA Division 3 racers on the track and laying down some great numbers. The Jegs Q32 event qualified with a bump of 4.59 showing everyone that this track was racey. That event was eventually won by NDRL PRO 7.0 driver "Rocketman" Robbie Freels over George Atchison with a MOV of .006 or 16 inches!!

Pro Gas hit the lanes first in qualifying and at the end of the day it was Rob Davis and his gorgeous Nova running 8.509 on his 8.50 B/G index. Dave Mullin wheeled his American Pie 37 Chevy into second on the list trailing Davis running .018 over his 8.50 index.

PRO Comp was up next for their shots at the track. Hoosier Troy Wilson and Buckeye Tim Reis shot to the top of the shelf on the same pass with Wilson running a dead on 9.000 on his 9.00 index and Reis was alongside with a 9.010 on his 9.00 as well.

PRO 7.50 found wiley veteran Wayne Sears on top of the heap walking tall with a 7.508 in his Bantem. Pat Malloy followed right behind with a 7.53 edging out "the Islander" Pat Freels wheeling his GTO to a 7.55. Michelle Lewis set the top speed of the class at 207 MPH.

PRO 7.00 finished it up for NDRL qualifying and with 10 cars in the lanes the action was amazing. "Rocketman" Robbie Freels wheeled the Canode chassis to the top spot with a 7.04 leading the way to race day. Steve Walczak trailed behind him with a 7.100 but his engine let go setting the scene for one of the most intense thrash sessions in recent years. Several 7.0 drivers made record runs during the sessions. Larry Harlen went through with a 6.87@203, Gordon Horn with a 6.90@202 and Will Foehring running 6.80's at 209.

After a all night thrash involving a quarter of the NDRL racers and PRO 7.0 competitors, Walczak secured a engine from King Edwards and it was alive and running for the first round of eliminations. However, he was denied losing a close first round to Michael Sexton. The final was Larry Harlen and Freels in the final. Freels had the tree but his altered rattled the tires early but Harlen could not be denied and took the W.

PRO 7.5 driver Wayne Sears continued where he left off in qualifying opening up with a commanding 7.504 on a competition bye setting his path to the final with Pat Malloy. Malloy left on Sears but was trailing at the stripe by .018 getting Sears the win.

PRO Gas and PRO Comp were combined per NDRL procedures giving the fans a chance to see both classes at once. Ironically, at the end of the day, it was one of each going to the final. Eldon Miller and Wilson waded through the field and sat on the starting line waiting for duty. Miller took the tree and held that advantage all the way taking the win. Wilson was the last car standing in Comp and he was awarded the trophy and certificates for the win.

Longtime partner Sloans Racing Transmissions awarded the Bob Sloan Memorial Bucks ($100.00) for each number one qualifier and to the best overall package through eliminations. Those drivers are listed below:

PRO 7.0~Robbie Freels
PRO 7.5~Wayne Sears
PRO Comp~Troy Wilson
PRO Gas~Rob Davis
Best Overall Package~Troy Wilson (.023 over Cameron Hill)

Thank You to all our drivers, members, and sponsors.

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