NDRL Membership
We are proud to be be running our 2018 NDRL Championship Series for the sixth straight year and you can register for it here. We will also be offering an associate membership for your family and friends. The member forms can be downloaded below.

NDRL Drivers membership $100.00
2018 NDRL Driver Membership Form.pdf

NDRL Associates membership $50.00
2018 NDRL Associate Membership Form.pdf

Your 2018 Drivers membership will include:
~Entry into NDRL Championship Points Series
~Member T-Shirt
~Member card
~Member decals
~Dinner provided at the 2018 banquet

Entering the point series will give you the chance to race your way into the following:
~Champions Jacket
~GOLD CARD for the 2019 season
~Championship Trophy
~Contingency awards from our sponsors

We will be giving away awards to the top 5 points finishers in all categories. Points will be updated after each event and will be located here on the website.

2018 NDRL associate members will receive the following:
~Member T-Shirt
~Member Card
~Member Decals
~Dinner provided at the 2018 banquet